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Welcome to the future of lead generation for real estate investors. Our highly trained team of bilingual cold calling and texting agents can help you exponentially grow your real estate business without the hassle of handling your own campaigns.

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KPI Focused Marketing

Before you ever spend a dime with us, you'll have a clear idea on the KPI's you can expect from your campaign. We'll work with you to achieve your desired numbers.

Expert Calling/Texting Agents

Our agents are experts in determining lead quality and helping you uncover the best deals in your market. They're also bi-lingual, which gives you a huge edge.

Scale Easily & Quickly

We made it easy for you to scale your campaign. Everyone knows cold calling works with the right team, but it can take a long time to build one. We make it plug-and-play for you so that you can scale quickly

a lack of leads stops most investors from scaling..

We solve that problem

When you sign up with us, you can ensure you'll receive top-tier customer service along with an fantastic opportunity to grow your business quickly and effectively without the hassle of generating your own leads.

"We started with Lead Gen Pros not knowing what to expect. We closed a $70k deal within 2 weeks of using their service"

-Lead Gen Pros Client

We’ll handle the leads. you make the profit

Our Agents Are Now Able To Do Texting In Addition To Cold Calling!

Text message marketing has quickly become one of the hottest and most effective ways for real estate investors to get leads in today’s market. We’ve listened to our customers, and due to popular demand we’ve added on text messaging as something our agents are trained and ready to do!

This means that it’ll be as easy as ever for you to get cheap leads with our agents. All that will be required is for you to have a Sherpa account – from there our agents will be able to plug into your system and start generating you hot motivated seller leads.

Call us at 951-299-3834 to get started and bring on your texting agent!

The Numbers

Our average client sees a $20-$30 cost per lead with our agents. This means that if the investor is able to convert just one deal out of 50 leads, they’ll have spent roughly less than $1,500 on advertising to convert that deal. With the average cost per deal in direct mail, PPC, and other streams being multiple times that, the investor will be able to add a tremendously profitable marketing stream to their business and increase revenue as well as net profit exponentially.

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