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Cold Calling


Our average client sees a $20-$30 cost per lead with our agents.
This means that the investor can convert just one deal out of 50 leads. Then they'll have spent roughly less than $1,500 on advertising to transform that deal with the average cost per deal in direct mail, PPC, and other streams. This will allow the investor to add a tremendously profitable marketing stream to their business and increase revenue and net profit exponentially. 

TV & Radio

We have a dedicated team of creatives who will work with you and your vision to bring your narrative to digital life. From Visual narratives with professional voice-over actors to aesthetic excellence, your message will be clear and pristine to your target audience in local or national syndication. Simultaneously as we are developing your Ad, we will begin implementing tracking tools. Which will enable us to track results.


Vitual Assistant

Our Virtual Assistants will take and make those calls for you, perform all administrative tasks in the back end, and run your office as efficiently as you will.
Aside from boosting your productivity through turnkey business services, we will also help ease you into the virtual traffic through our plug-and-play technology setup.

Virtual Assistant

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